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My boss will find out one day if I don’t stop doing this in my office.

Each time I log off after cybersex, I promise myself that I will never do it again.

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Why fire up AIM when one can send dirty missives via SMS?

Why bother with a chat room while you could i Message your undercarriage?

According to close sources, the chatbot is hoping to graduate with a business degree so that he can run his own blockchain mine.

Here are some things you probably thought you could never live without: 1. Some real names from my friends list: barbiefiend69, goldenchild82, ez2bme94501, and Miss Sprink1es. Spent so much time harassing her, it was ridiculous.

Your Gchat list is just people you know, but your AIM list was a hodgepodge of miscreants from the entire Internet.

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