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Despite their decision to continue their relationship at the end of the season, the couple revealed they had split but remained good friends.

During the third season, four female contestants were matched with their 'perfect' male partner and for the first time a male contestant was matched with his 'perfect' male partner by a panel of experts.

In the first episode, two couples (Keller & Nicole, Mark & Monica) met and wed.

Staying out of the limelight for over 18 months after the show, photos emerged of Clare having gained over 40 kg.

In 2018, after her time at the trauma center and a second back surgery, Clare lost the weight she had gained and re-emerged at some Melbourne events.

Upon returning they live together for a period of time, during which they meet at commitment ceremonies and choose whether or not they will continue their relationship.

During the first season, a panel of experts matched four females with four males.

The couples embarked on married life for the rest of the season.

Lachlan and Clare met and wed in Sydney on the show's first episode.

However, unlike other versions of the show around the world, the couples do not partake in a legally-binding marriage due to legal restrictions in Australia, but instead meet as strangers at the altar of a commitment ceremony.

The couples spend their wedding night in a hotel, then leave for a honeymoon.

In the final decision, Simone decided to walk away from the relationship and they are now separated.

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