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(For those keeping count, the beaus were previously believed to be 1:1 on the song tribute ratio for .) Judging by the title alone, "Misery" might come off like a sour break-up anthem -- and since Stefani has previously described her album as running the gamut of her recent series of emotions in pseudo-consecutive order, one might think that the first track, especially so named, would be dedicated to the sads. Well, it could mean that her "You're like drugs to me" line is a snappy hindsight recall of how she felt when she first ended her marriage -- the full scoop on which would apparently "shock" us all because it's "a really good, juicy story." Plus, the "Where'd You Go?

Now that we can actually listen to it, though, it The song doesn't sound like some sappy send-off to her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale the way like her first spot-split anthem, "Used to Love You," did. " and "You're in so much trouble" bits could easily reflect some separation anxiety and anger following their split.

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“Gwen and Blake do so many fun activities with the boys, and Blake plays with them like a big kid.

He seriously enjoys doing things with the kids like going to the movies, fishing, camping, and teaching them to horseback ride and boating,” the insider revealed.

"It's a really good, juicy story." The rumor is that Rossdale cheated with the family's nanny—but we're, on stage, and in her raw and revealing interviews. That's what God wants for me." Stefani went into detail how songwriting has always helped her, saying, "It's almost like one of those movies where they discover they have magic.

It's why even though it has been 24 years since the release of No Doubt's first album, Stefani still gives us goals to look up to in the best possible way from her career to her life attitude to how she handles breakups and falling in love all over again. When I was able to first write a song, that's when I found my whole self."4. I'm not going to say I'm not still picking up the pieces and every day isn't a challenge. But it's an awesome time."And PS: Stefani just released her latest single "Misery," and despite the title, it to about her relationship with Shelton.

“Blake has made Gwen’s boys a huge priority in his life and cares for them like their his own,” a source told ET.

Even though Stefani shares joint custody of her sons with Rossdale, the “Cool” singer makes the most out of the time she has with her boys.

The couple recently took a major step and decided to move in together.

However, it doesn’t mean they will be announcing a wedding date anytime soon.

With a crazy year under her belt that saw the demise of her 13-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale and the start of a fresh new romance with her The Voice co-star Blake Shelton, Stefani just got real for an interview in the New York Times.

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