Butchfemme dating

” Apparently, you haven’t shown up in the right spot for these femmes, so let’s explore a little how your dates aren’t going as planned. Without knowing more details about your relationships, I can’t say exactly what is going wrong, but generally when relationships continue to fail, there’s usually something in a person’s belief system that is preventing them from truly being present. Do you expect her to take a back seat to you at social events?

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– Museums – discretely follow her around 2 or 3 rooms to make sure she is alone and then hit her with a 2×4 to make sure she “sees” you.

– Your local church or synagogue – If you are mileycyrusing on me (whaaaat?!

The other likes jeans, sports and drinking from a pint.

But the most important thing is you like each other and adore your differences.

The butch/femme combo is here to stay and if it annoys you – tough!

Frankie: I am a nice, gallant, open-the-door-for-my-lady kind of butch top, and I’m having trouble finding my femme bottom.

But then, who am I to be so high on my horse, right? – Whole Foods – you may have to hit her with a 2×4, but yes, I have met butches in Whole Foods.

– Butch Femme Kink – whatever happened to that website? Unfortunately I was taken at the time so nothing ever came out of it.

Apparently to femme women are more acceptable than a butch and femme together? Because bigots think two women are only around to give men a hard dick.

Sorry to limp your stick but bigots – get used to it!

Butch women don’t want to be men, they just like the more masculine image.

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