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It was at this time that heavy drinking, partying and the pleasures of women took over his life.Nevertheless, the would-be screen star never lost his bearing as he returned to college and graduated.Hoping to make things right in his life by jettisoning his earlier attitude of self-abandonment and wanton adventures, Gerard Butler took up a job as a trainee lawyer in an Edinburgh law firm.

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After graduation, Gerard enrolled at the University of Glasgow School of Law where he trained to become a lawyer, sang in a rock band called Speed and in like manner was the President of the university law society.

Prior to his college graduation, he took a year off to live in Venice, California.

Beyond the heroic characters Gerrard Butler plays on screen, he has a life history and family which has not been scripted.

That relatively unknown aspect of the star’s life is what this article is dedicated to.

This caused him to miss many work days so that ultimately, he was sacked just a week before his qualification as a lawyer.

With no job, no papers to practice as a lawyer and seemingly nothing to hold on to in Scotland, Gerard traveled to London to give another shot at making something out of life.

, starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, is on track for a number one debut at the box office this weekend!

The film is surpassing expectations to earn million for its first weekend, a great hold for the third movie in the franchise.

He did not meet his father until he was 16 years old.

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