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#7 onwards there was a flexi with each issue, and from #15 onwards a vinyl 7″ EP.#15 also marked the end of the Brother Word Processor era and the change to a personal computer, which, of course, resulted in a different artwork. In a blind date a musician is played (ten) songs but not told who the performers are.

#2 and #3 were of a different format (#3 additionally came in five differently coloured covers), I liked it but I never got a positive response. There’s been so many people being of support: Siegfried Kalus, Lindsay Hutton, Gecko Hunger, Steve Wright, Axel Keunecke, Mike Korbik, Philippe Korpar-Migrenne, Clarke Donovan…I don’t really remember how I managed all the work on the magazine – I was responsible for the whole logistics, 95% of the artwork (Uli, perhaps with the help of his gorgeous wife Sabine, graced his pieces with his own artwork, thankfully), about 70 per cent of the writing, the bookkeeping, the mailing, delivering, shipping – with a day job to do that did not suffer at any time. But I did manage, and I remember when my wife was pregnant with our second child I took 10 days off with our first-born in a coastal resort (Callantsoog) in the Netherlands in our Easter holidays, and when I had taken her to bed after spending the day at the beach, I did hartbeat!

magazine artwork until six in the morning and after two hours‘ sleep I ventured to the beach again with Annika.

I wanted to publish a magazine that combined music with arts and literature, and after I had put out issue #1, I got the flak by all those record collecting music enthusiasts, asking me what those poems and works of art were supposed to do in h’artbeat! I – chicken that I was – gave in too easily and stuck to music instead of my initial plan. The A-side was a very psychedelic cover of the Electric Prunes‘ „I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night“ (even including harpsichord), the B-side a band composition: „These Days“. A lot of people were entering the boat – and again, no one ever got paid except for the odd parcel of free copies.

In order to give the new h’artbeat (as it was first called) a proper debut, Gerard Davelaar had acquired a big box full of wonderful 7″ records by the Dutch neo-garage band THE THOUGHT. It’s a real classy record, and I was quite pleased to enclose it with issue #1. s #2 and #3 were printed with the help of Gerard somewhere in the Netherlands, but the print run was not high enough to meet the demand, and so I was back at Hitzegrad’s for no.4. I still did 99% of the artwork and most of the writing, but people like Uli Hesse (soon Uli Hesse-Lichtenberger, now Uli Hesse again, and a well-known author and exquisite sports journalist) offered his New-York-Dolls attitude, Tom Sobilo his Indie Rock, Beverly Patterson her Power Pop knowledge, and suddenly Nigel Cross was a member of the team, and he knew (knows) just everyone in the history of British Underground. And by #18 we also had Ulf Nawrot on board to supply wonderful cartoons and competing Ari, who was still sending stuff – more than I could use.

I never compromised on being a caring father – my girls and my wife will attest to that.

And I never compromised on being a committed teacher – my students and their parents will attest to that also. account, I did not even get my petrol money back or the expenses on stationary or whatever I needed.

They had enjoyed every second of #19 we started to publish TOP 100s of our regular writers, starting with the Top 100 albums, then TOP 100 singles, then TOP 100 singles B-sides.

These caused a lot of discussion among readers – naturally, as everybody has inevitably got his own idea of the 100 best albums or singles.

It was a relieve to lay the burden down and finally be able to breathe again and go on holiday and not have a box full of artwork to be patched up in the car boot. 33rpm flexi disc: JASMINE LOVE BOMB „From Last Summer“ / THE INFIDELS „Final Solution“, Strongheart, Rifle Sport, Shoutless, Swamp Oaf, The Bags, Shake Appeal, The Shifters, The Trilobites, The Fluid, Timelapse, Napalm Beach, High Jinks, Great Big Kisses, The Wanna Bees, Galaxie 500, Girl Trouble, loads of 60s, 70s, and 80s CD, LP and 7″ reviews, books, fanzines, etc.

33rpm flexi disc: GREAT BIG KISSES „Bad“ / HIGH JINKS „Time For Turning“, Charta 77, The Petals, Shagrat, Jeff Dahl, loads of 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s CD, LP and 7″ reviews, books, fanzines, etc.

Well, occasionally the Blind Date was not printable as it would have killed a musician’s reputation on the very spot.

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