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5 Premier Session at its Long Beach auctions from the collection of James Shucart.His story is familiar: he purchased a silver dollar when he was 11 from a local coin shop in Missouri, and his collection continued with the encouragement of his mother.

The 1955 Doubled Die pieces were discovered within weeks of their release, many in the form of change in cigarette vending machine packs.

Five years later, the 1960-P and -D Small Date cents set off (or fanned the flames of) the first mania in "modern" BU rolls when they were noticed.

The collection of dollars is called the JCS Collection as a tribute to his mom, who passed away at age 94.

The JCS collection name represents the initials of James, his son Christopher, and grandson Carsten Shucart, who is showing an interest in coin collecting.

RICS members must also follow the RICS Rules of Conduct.

The terms of appointment will include: The terms of appointment will include a warranty that the information you’ve supplied, or has been supplied on your behalf, is accurate. In most cases, the auctioneer will be your sole agent.If the auctioneer is using the RICS Common Auction Conditions, completion will be 20 working days after the auction.If the lot is unsold If the lot doesn’t reach your reserve price, you need to know what the auctioneer’s procedure is for dealing with unsold lots.The next step is preparing the auction particulars.These may form part of your auction contract, and include any plans or photos of the property, which must be as up-to-date as possible.On the reverse, a scattering of minor carbon spots culminates in two larger areas, below the right side of the steps and between the third and fourth columns in the Memorial.

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