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From these I have made my extracts, dividing them into six books.

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This next one I haven't read, but I often hear it recommended: Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger by Gary Michuta.

The answer is 'no' because Protestants beginning with Martin Luther began ignoring some of the Bible that didn't agree with their theology.

These are a few examples of the discrepancies between the Bibles used by Christians in antiquity, all serving to illustrate that the number of books included was by no means stable.

A work of a 19th century Presbyterian theologian, Archibald Alexander, has been cited as an authority for the argument that early Christians only recognized the 39 books of the modern day Protestant Old Testament canon as authoritative.

After them, we also have Origen and Jerome, amongst others, who agree with the 39 books only as inspired. JOSEPHUS The usefulness of Josephus is not only because he outlines what Protestants use, but also because he tells us why there was a difference in the books written after Artaxerxes; that is, there was no valid prophetic line.

Artaxerxes figures into the 70 weeks of Daniel, suggesting completed, though not fulfilled, prophecy, until Messiah.", with the clarification "Referring to the most widely used Protestant canon of exactly (and only) the content of these 66 books." The short answer is no.The modern Protestant canon was never used in a Christian bible until the English civil war in the 1640s.We have at least two earliest commentaries that support the same Old Testament canon of Protestants at 39 books.The first is from Josephus and the second is from Melito.To maintain that he did not accept the deuterocanon as Scriptural is simply inexcusable.

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