Consolidating private student loans into federal student loans dating in livermore

If you would like to add other eligible loans, your servicer must receive your Request to Add Loans Form within 180 days from the date your Direct Consolidation Loan is completed (originated).

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The standard repayment plan for a consolidated loan can be adjusted to reflect a more reasonable option that works for you and your income.

Student loan debt doesn't have to be more difficult than it needs to be.

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Best of all, your evaluation and the financial review of your eligibility are completely free of charge!

Whether you have Federal Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, Parent Plus loans, (FFEL) Family Federal Education Loans, Federal Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Federal Stafford or federal loans in default, we can help.

As always, it is best to do your research before taking out any type of student loan.

Student loans are a large financial commitment, which will follow the borrower for many years.

The best rule of thumb when it comes to borrowing student loans for college is to apply for FAFSA before you look into private student loans.

FAFSA is the application for federal student loan programs, which offer some of the lowest interest rates and best repayment terms.

When you consolidate your school loans with the Department of Education, you ultimately end up paying much less than what you started paying off initially.

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