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Here’s what I learned from that relationship and while flying solo: In the graphic novel “Scott Pilgrim,” a Canadian dude crushes on a girl named Ramona Flowers and must battle her seven evil exes to date her. Perhaps the seven evils are prednisone rage, limitless vomiting, mucus (lots!

), sterility and infertility, traumatizing hospital stays, mental health crises, and … A nurse said that, on the bright side, I will stay looking young forever (a CF stereotype) and will never get “fat like most middle-aged men.” Shrug.

However, in adulthood lung function begins to decline and health begins to deteriorate.

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Lower lung function can often lead to infections which may require hospital treatment.

Damage to the airways can cause other lung diseases such as bronchiectasis. Having cystic fibrosis is no barrier to sexual relationships, but males with the condition are usually infertile and many women have problems conceiving.

Be loyal to yourself before you become loyal to someone else.

If a relationship ends, you still need the will to take care of yourself.

Following diagnosis, patients need to spend hours each day undergoing chest physiotherapy to help clear their lungs of excess mucus — an important element in their ongoing treatment critical to preventing lung infections.

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Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

I’ve been single for a year now, and I’m darn proud of it.

However, fertility treatment is often a successful solution.

The average life expectancy of a person with cystic fibrosis in the U. is approximately 37.5 years with many living much longer.

It’s now predicted that children born with cystic fibrosis in the 2000s will survive into their 50s (source:

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