Dating and purity

We are built with a sex drive which causes us to be interested in the opposite sex….I’ve developed the following material and presented it to many young people and their parents over many years.

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bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ.

As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has led thousands to make their walk with God an invigorating journey.

We found that this was a great help not only to our daughters but also to the young men who wanted to date them.

We made our expectations clear, gave them specific guidance and principles (not just rules), and told them we’d be asking them if they were living up to these standards.

For over 15 years, her message has encouraged and equipped women to live with confidence, peace, and trust.

Let’s talk about Lust, Sexual Attraction and Real Love. Sexual attraction is physical attraction between a fellow and a girl.

When my now married daughters were teenagers, I honed it further for sharing and discussion with them and the young men who asked to date them.

Until we had gone over these principles together (my wife and I, our daughter and the boy) and made sure there was complete agreement, we didn’t allow a dating relationship to begin.

But a forest fire or a house burning to the ground or a person engulfed in flames is fire -it is horrible and frightening.

Water and fire are good things which, when they occur outside their God-intended boundaries, become bad.

(Ephesians 5:3-4) God designed sex for the sacred union of marriage, and reserves it for that union.

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