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I wouldn't wish the sort of environment that produces such maladjusted individuals on anybody's child, least of all my own. I pointed out to the CEO that my name, phone number, and email address are at the bottom of each of my Web pages in case anyone there had found any errors or omissions in my facts or logic.

As far as I know, no one else from the West Point Forum has ever contacted me.

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As such, I was the only junior in the company authorized to wear a saber in parades and meal formations. Everyone else had a rifle except for guidon bearers. The uniform I was wearing was the class uniform for the winter months. It was during exams and we were consumed with studying and inspections were eased up during such periods.

A couple of months after that photo was taken, they took our senior yearbook photos in the spring of our junior year when I was 20.

If anyone there has found any errors or omissions in my facts or logic, and brings them to my attention, I will correct them here.

That covers all reasons for communications between me and the Forum. It was some people criticizing me as “negative” and “a real jerk” and out-of-date and inaccurate as well as some people who defended my articles.

I know the season and year because of the three rifles and saber in the right background. Each room had three cadets and a no-longer working fireplace.

I was the C-2 company guidon bearer and a corporal then. One of the binders in the top of the rifle rack is the “Blue Book” or Cadet Regulations which I refer to later in this article. Believe it or not, one of my roommates took the picture to commemorate our room being a horrible mess that day. Reed Like all West Point graduates, I am often asked by young people if they should go there.Sometimes, current cadets ask whether they should stay there.A habitue of a Web site called College Confidential told me there was some discussion about this article there. As usual, my critics were vague and unspecific, relying totally on intellectually-dishonest debate tactics like name calling.No specific out-of-date information or inaccuracies in my articles were cited.My own observations of girls my family has known that join the military is strongly indicative that military life is not good for women.

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