Dating for loners rating and dating complex

​Many people choose to ignore their thoughts and emotions.

Loners choose to embrace these feelings and become fully aware of them.

Self-awareness is very important and difficult to achieve.

Loners know themselves better than anyone else, and this allows them to understand those around them better.

Some loners close their borders, so to speak, because of anxiety. Social isolation can even be a health risk."Loneliness is like hunger and thirst—a signal to help your genes survive," says John Cacioppo, a psychologist at the University of Chicago.

"When you're lonely, there's a stress response in your body, and it's not healthy to sustain that for a long time." Of course, it takes all kinds, and loners tend to be smarter, more loyal friends. Here are 10 special personality traits of people who like to be alone: If there is anything extremely important to a loner, it is their time.

They tend to enjoy spending as much time on their own as they can. Often, loners have large groups of friends and have a higher standard for their friendships.

They just have less of a need for peer acceptance than most.

This is completely normal behavior for a loner, and it doesn't mean he's not enjoying himself.

He may get a lot of pleasure simply from observing what's going on at the party.

According to Sophia Dembling, in "Seven Things Extroverts Should Know About Introverts (and Vice Versa)," for Psychology Today, the need for alone time shouldn't be taken personally. She needs time out now and again, to be alone or simply recharge her batteries.

Likewise, don't worry that she's not enjoying herself when she's with you, just because she's not acting like the life and soul of the party. An introvert is more likely to stay away from the crowd, and value one-to-one conversations over large group discussions.

For example, you might agree to go out together to a bar or club once per week — or whatever you both think is reasonable — and have quieter, more private dates on other nights.

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