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Development of the Parker “51” was completed in 1939, the 51st anniversary of the Parker Pen Company, thus its name.Pre-production models were test-marketed in Venezuela and other Caribbean countries in early 1940, before the pen’s general introduction into the U. The places where the pen was test-marketed included Caracas and Maracaibo, Venezuela; Barranquilla, Columbia; Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; and Curacao, Netherland Antilles. Mainly the clip was without the Blue Diamond guarantee, similar to the Vacumatic clips of the era, but uniquely sized to fit the “51” caps.

The Parker “51” was a revolutionary design when it debuted, advertised as “Ten Years Ahead” of its time.

It had a gold nib that was fitted inside a hood to “trap any overflow and traps it inside-makes this a Pen that won’t flood, leak or sweat-yet keeps the point surrounded by ink, thus makes it a split second starter!

This was followed by further introduction in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver and the state of Wisconsin. Parker developed its own special ink to be used only with the Parker “51”, that was fast drying, highly waterproof, sunfast and had brighter colors, appropriately named “Parker 51 Ink”, which came in four colors; Early pre-production pens were produced in all of the colors that went later into mass production, including the rarer colors such as Yellowstone Yellow, Nassau Green and Bucskin Beige.

The pre-production pens do differ in shades of colors, with the Nassau Green being the most distinguishable, being a much deeper green.

I posted questions on the internet, but the answers were discouraging, such as; “It is probably a mis-matched pen”; “I don’t think they made pencils in the first year”; “No one knows exactly what a first year “51” pen looks like”.

Out of frustration and new found admiration for the “51”, I decided to concentrate my collecting endeavors on the “51”, and to find out as much as possible about it. It will hopefully help new collectors find out about the “51” in a fast, concise manner.In addition, some test market colors never made it into production, such as the above mentioned green, an ultramarine blue and the newly discovered mauve shown below, speckled with black specks throughout the barrel and hood.In addition, early pre-production pens from 1940 will not have a date code.When the pen arrived, I was surprised at how different it looked from my father’s.It had an obviously older looking clip with a blue diamond, and for the life of me, I could not unscrew that barrel to fill it! Over the next few months I discovered that this was a Vacumatic filling “51” versus my father’s old Aerometric filling “51”. Months later, I saw a classified ad in an antiques newspaper, advertising old fountain pens for sale.I noticed that the jewel on the cap was a shiny metal. I walked out of his house a very happy man, not really knowing what I had bought, except that it was the best looking pen and pencil set I had ever seen.

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