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Once you have secured your date, do not be surprised if you turn up and find that you will be meeting up with more than one person.

Group dates, involving other couples, are quite common in Singapore as it maintains a safe space for both parties, whilst getting to know each other in a more social and less intimate context.

Just keep your wits about you, as it is not unheard of to meet people online who have wives, husbands and children back home, especially those visiting a city like Singapore.

This is especially true in the case of Singaporean women, who have often pursued criminal cases against expat men who have casually touched their backsides.

This can be punishable by law and results in a rather large fine, so watch out.

The Dating feature will match users with others based on the things they have in common, such as preferences, interests and even how you use Facebook.

Only suggested matches – none of whom will be from the user’s Facebook friends list or blocked list – are able to view each other’s profiles, Facebook said.

Other recommendations are The Screening Room and it’s rooftop bar, thanks to it’s relaxed atmosphere and the fact it is never crowded.

Potato Head and Chijmes are also favourites for singles to hang out and meet people, although bear in mind that at the weekend, it might be a little too busy to really get to know someone.

People come and go all the time, so you may find that the person you dated last Friday may already be on a plane back home.

Depending on your situation, you might also find that regular dating just doesn’t fit with the time constraints of your time in Singapore. Whilst it can be hard to meet the right person, or at least have them stick around long enough for more than one date, remember that if you don’t hit it off with someone, the chances of bumping into them again are nil.

The tech giant said on Thursday (May 2) that its Facebook Dating app is now accessible in 19 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

But while the dating feature is enabled within the Facebook app, users will have to create a separate profile dedicated to the Dating feature.

You relocated to Singapore as a single person, and you are now looking into the dating scene in the city.

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