Dating women emotional baggage russian dating service in usa

Some women are temporarily prioritizing something else in their lives over a relationship.

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Some women struggle with lifelong emotional unavailability stemming from mental illness, a troubled childhood, or a history of sexual, physical or verbal abuse.

Unfortunately, the trauma of childhood sexual abuse can induce a chronic distrust of men and a sense of self-preservation that doesn’t allow them to get to too close with a romantic partner out of fear that he will hurt her the same way that she was hurt in her past.

But don’t set your heart on her and don’t let yourself get hooked.

Trust is an essential element of strong relationships.

In this case, it’s not at all her fault that she has trouble with intimacy, and if you are so in love with her that you’re willing to dedicate yourself to helping her through her emotional struggles, feel free to do so.

However, recognize that this is a difficult position to put yourself in and that it will come with some hardships.Thus, if you’re not ready to take on this role, know that it’s okay not to and you’re not a bad person for not staying in the relationship.Someone with chronic intimacy issues may need help beyond that which you can provide anyway, such that of a mental health professional.Someone who is genuinely interested in being with you would want to get to know those closest to you, and thus become more included in your life.Additionally, be wary if she doesn’t let you tell anyone about your dates because of complex reasons such as, “My insane ex might find out and cause trouble.” Everything is great at first, she texts you all the time and is eager to make plans to see you, but then suddenly all goes quiet.Ultimately, you can end up feeling alone, depressed, insignificant and rejected.

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