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In other words, objective feedback from people who care about you can be both enlightening and helpful.From Goals to Action: Part Two of Your Plan Sometimes a clear listing of goals is enough to right the ship when it comes to dating.You should not date anyone who displays even one red light trait.

Green lights, of course, are character traits that are healthy and desirable in a potential partner.

Below is the dating plan created by the individual whose goals were just discussed.

Such a plan helps problem daters understand who is a good candidate for dating and who is bound to disappoint sooner or later (usually sooner).

As with goals, to make sure it’s both complete and realistically workable.

Because our book "The 7-Day Dating and Relationship Plan for Gay Men" has been so enthusiastically received, we wanted a way to communicate and share thoughts with our readers.

Table for One, Please Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you’re still alone.With a traffic signals plan, you can look objectively at a potential partner before getting involved (or during the first date or two) and say, “Gee, this person is really attractive, but he/she is ‘between jobs,’ living with an ex, and seems uninterested in who I am as a person.Maybe I should forget about how hot this person is and move on to someone better.” Finding the Right Person is a Numbers Game Dating successfully is often a matter of persistence.However, most people who’ve habitually struggled with forming and maintaining intimate relationships need a bit more structure and accountability.In such cases, the development and implementation of a “traffic signals” dating plan is a useful tactic.Traffic signals dating plans are straightforward in nature, with red lights, yellow lights and green lights.

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