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So, when I get to this column I make a combobox and populate it using the data from the table of divisions.Last thing to do is set the selected Index of that combobox to match the data from the employee table. It doesn't want to use the data from the xml because its not an integer. Reglardless if I hardcode ' selected Index = "3" ' it doesnt matter!Properties are usually defined with Actionscript (although you can define them with MXML) and placed within a In the following example the component defines a property that represents the dataprovider that will populate the Datagrid and a method that returns a string.

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You have to link your Flex application with the libraries and that you can copy to your project (they are available in the plugin sources, for example ~/.grails/1.3.5/projects/example/plugins/gdsflex-0.8.4/src/flex/libs).

You also have to use the compiler option -services to reference the remoting configuration file in web-app/WEB-INF/flex/and the option -context-root /example to define the web app context path.

All I need to know is how to reference the variable properly.

Tightly coupled versus loosely coupled component To make components configurable and reusable throughout your applications, you might want to create MXML components that accept properties, launch methods and dispatch events.

I then need it to look at the current row it is putting into the datagrid and set the default (selected Index) to that number.

The attached picture shows the data as it is in the database in the first directorate column.

To achieve this, components must not depend on a specific application (tightly coupled component), their variable's name or tag instance's name.

In this scenario if the code of the application or the component changes, reliant code won't work anymore and we'll have to modify the tightly coupled component to reflect that change.

Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Really, since I am dense when it comes to Flex, Im gonna need a full demo that uses the xml (or arrays) as datasources, then generates a datagrid with the dynamic selected Index comboboxs.

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