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Since you did not know you signed up, you could not know to cancel the subscription before the trial period ended.You might have received an email reminder, which could easily end up in the spam folder – that is assuming you used your real email.The date verification scam site connects to a marketing/click generating server(s), which assigns a billing site. It is a complex network of facade websites, obfuscating servers, and shell companies.

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This chart will give you an idea of what is happening.

Click Image to view full size It is too much to get into in this article.

Some of the “Bonus” sites require advance notice of 5-7 days before the next billing cycle.

These are some of the many reasons I recommend canceling your credit card. When you entered your credit card, you gave it to a white label service company. An unknown payment processing company handles all credit card transactions. Bottom Line: A shell company that is using a service with unknown origin, sharing your information as they see fit, and high risk security policies and unknown practices. There is no reason to believe, that any person or company in your transaction is equipped to handle your personal and financial information …he said with a tip of the hat to Billy Mays…

The charges are completely hidden, or just hard to find.

Because it is the internet, there are an infinite number of ways to get there.

The charge to your credit card account is a monthly (recurring) charge.

Additionally, there might be charges from “bonus” offers, in the form of additional trial memberships.

The charge often appears with the customer service number such as: 866-460-9226. If you did not knowingly sign up for Shine Love on Me, then you probably signed up for something that advertised as free, but in reality there were hidden or hard to find charges.

After reading this article, I encourage you to verify this information for yourself. The short gibberish name is used for discreet billing, and it is their customer service website.

I found by knowingly clicking thru one of the Get Verified scam facade websites, until i got to

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