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He frightens her, and she picks up the weapon that’s closest at hand, a screwdriver. The Phantom takes Sue’s shape and mingles with the prostitutes, jeering at them and at Sue.

Billy refuses to recognize Sue in front of his wife Doris and his son, and sends her away.

She goes up to the house next door, where she sees the Phantom.

) towards an upstairs room where one of the Talking Rabbits (who fades into invisibility, maybe because she can’t see him) and a guy with crooked glasses are sitting.

In the room, she feels compelled to deliver a series of monologues that describe her own history of violence and explain a lot of the backstory having to do with Polish legends (like the fact that the Phantom has a one-legged sister).

Luckily, it was a magical, timeless hotel room, so her TV was state-of-the-art.

One of the things she could see on TV were three Talking Rabbits, who appeared as American sitcom characters but were also the manifestations of three Polish magicians (there will be a scene where the latter’s outlines blur into the former).Through the slip, she can see the day of her own death, and watch herself delivering monologues to the man wearing crooked glasses.Finally Sue sees herself die on the street, and she reverts to her Nikki persona, but can no longer fully accept the fantasy.The animal handler in the circus, Piotrek Krol, had a beautiful wife (Lost Girl) and a son.But the Phantom coveted Krol’s wife, so he hypnotized her or slipped her a roofie, had sex with her, and installed her in a hotel room where she could do nothing but watch TV for all eternity.At one point, they had a barbecue and Krol’s circus friends all showed up punctually at 3pm, in an ominous fashion.

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