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Within the next week, I told my parents about David over a skype call. It might be serious and I definitely see this relationship having a future but of course, we’re not there yet—that’s not to say we won’t get there because we most likely will.” “Of course I’m ok with him! The next 45 minutes or so flew by as I told them about how we met and giving them little details so they could paint a picture of him in their mind.

I didn’t mention his race—I didn’t feel the need to. My parents were never adamant that my sister and I should marry into an Indian family. After all, it would be long before they could visit us in the USA and I certainly had no plans of taking David to India in the near future.

And I lived with my sister at the time while my parents lived (and still do) in India.

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My sister being the older, much protective, sibling, I recalled a similar reaction from her each time I dated someone new, regardless of race or nationality.

We both ended up not discussing it further at the time.

The social science approach identifies cross-cultural differences in relationship, including notions of friendship and the initiation and development of relationships.

For example, the book talks about how friendship in china cannot be understood without the attention on the importance of the concept of guanxi – a relationship of social science connection that is built on shared identities such as native place, kinship or simply attending the same school.

I like him.” Nothing extraordinary about what she said and I didn’t technically need her approval to date David.

But there was a certain sense of sweet relief, intense happiness, and a child-like excitement knowing that my sister approves of my boyfriend. Dad and I trust you and if you think he’s the right one for you, then you have our support.” I was surprised.Intercultural relationships are both personal and contextual.People tend to be attracted to people who we perceive to be similar to ourselves and that is called the similarity principle.One of the responses is a positive delight while the other, the more dominant one, is unfortunately that of a negative nature. From learning, accepting, and getting used to the cultural differences between one’s self and their partner to dealing with unaccepting family members; its a constant roller-coaster.We’ve heard many stories where people have been less than delighted learning they have an interracial marriage within their family, and how they’ve actively expressed their discontent with irrational threats of disownment of said “sinful” (in their opinion) kin.I wasn’t sure how they would react to the news of my boyfriend being Black. Wasn’t there a big earthquake there recently that destroyed a lot of homes? Fast forward a year, I have now graduated and moved to Washington, D. After 2 years, when David graduated, he secured his dream job in the same company I was working for.

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