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He says goodbye to Simon, whose paternity has come into doubt again, and tells him he hopes that he is his father.

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Kenny is the older brother of Pauline (Wendy Richard) and Pete Beale (Peter Dean).

He was born in 1941 to Albert and Lou Beale (Anna Wing).

He didn't speak to any of his family for five years after emigrating, and after that it was only Pauline who corresponded with him.

He returns to Walford in 1988 with his daughter Elizabeth (Lucy Bayler), after his marriage has hit a rocky patch.

During her time in Walford, Melody is approached by a potential paedophile, who offers her sweets and a ride in his car; Melody responds by biting his hand.

She reports the man to the police, but subsequently, her father prohibits her from seeing Junior for a while, though this does not last.

He visits his ill mother and finds out that he has been named as the father of Pat's younger son, Simon Wicks (Nick Berry).

After a month in Walford, he realises how good his life in New Zealand is, and returns to Barbara.

Sufia makes her first appearance in Walford in 1988, when she moves to Walford with her husband Ashraf (Aftab Sachak) and their children Shireen (Nisha Kapur) and Sohail (Ronnie Jhutti).

In 1989 she discovers that Ashraf is having an affair with a woman named Stella (Cindy O'Callaghan).

This affair is eventually exposed to the community, leading to the family leaving Walford for Bristol in June 1990.

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