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They too, if they are any good in their respective sports have a huge fan base.

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We are talking about three times Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton is a Formula 1 racing driver born in Stevenage, England. In his rookie season he impressed the pundits, the competitors and the fans.

Nicole was seen on many of Lewis’s races and was also present during the finale of 2008 season when Hamilton won the title.

The couple broke up a few times between 20 but reconciled again.

His sheer speed and will to win made him a contender to be a Formula One world champion. Hamilton belonged to a modest background with his family not financially strong.

His father provided the funds for him to race in carting series, which is usually the first step for Formula 1 drivers to start their careers.

Vettel again won the world driver championship with Hamilton finishing 4Another large number of changes were made to the F1 regulations and it was the start of the hybrid era for the first time in formula 1.

Mercedes had made the best engine compared to the rest of the grid and this increased advantage against their rivals showed on the track when Hamilton won the drivers’ championship on both occasions and Mercedes winning the constructors championship. The title was again decided in the final race of the season at Abu Dhabi.

Lewis also received some negative reactions when during a driver’s press conference he was seen checking his snapchat account and media representatives conducting interviews considered it to be disrespectful.

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