One on one online sex

The sexes also experience regrets in varying degrees and about different aspects of the sexual encounter.

“Women have regrets after sex more often than men,” says master’s student Heitor Barcellos Ferreira Fernandes from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

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One on one online sex

Women want closeness after sex more often than men.

On the other hand, men more commonly want to get away, new research confirms.

On the contrary, negative feelings after sex may be exactly the right response.

“Some people may be surprised that both men and women often have negative feelings after sex,” says Fernandes.

“We assumed that there were two or three main types of negative emotions after sex,” says Kennair.

The third form of negative emotion is similar between men and women. A bad reputation can make you less attractive to other partners who may be a better fit for you in the long run than the person you just shared a bed or restaurant toilet with.

Previous Norwegian and international research shows that men are also generally more open to one-night stands than women are.

In this context, we have to look at sex as a way in which we, consciously or unconsciously, are testing out a potential partner that we can later have a child with.

(See Parental investment fact box.) With this background, researchers expected to find more men who wanted greater distance for a fleeting sexual experience – and they found it.

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