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You would have to think to yourself that they must have something special going on.It piques your curiosity and now you are interested.

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In the 1930s it was a little bit taboo for a woman to use a man’s rearview mirror to put on makeup.

As for the mirror, the article says, “Man needs it to drive and it annoys them very much when they have to turn around to see what’s behind them.” This rule has changed quite a few times, and if you live in any major city, there’s sort of an unspoken rule about being a casual 15 minutes late.

There is no surer way for a girl to make herself unpopular with men than to be a telephone hound.” How far we have come to today’s standards, where if you don’t reply to a text within the first five minutes, it could lead to some seriously angry emojis.

Well here’s a dating guide that might seem ridiculously outdated at first – given that the Parade Magazine published it back in 1938- but don’t be too quick to judge!

Just like Dix says in her book, “She scares him off when she decks herself out in what looks like a million dollars’ worth of finery.” If you have ever seen an episode of In Dix’s book she is adamant that women never try to get a guy on the telephone during the day, “Don’t call a boy up over the telephone during business hours.

He will hate you for it, because you are jeopardizing his job…

Well this one is pretty standard in this day and age.

Although times were different then, there was still etiquette for a first date when it came to the bar.

A 1938 article in One of the main rules they gave was: “Don’t drink too much, as a man expects you to keep your dignity all evening.

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