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A rapidly increasing band of the population know this too.In the UK alone the industry will, within three years, be worth 150m annually and there are now over 1,400 online dating websites.

Are you in a relationship with a man and his children?

Share your experiences with us in readers' comments below...‘It’s hideous,’ she says. 'I live in the shadows because he is so scared of upsetting the boys - or worse, upsetting his vindictive ex-wife - that I have to creep off before they get here.’The couple have been dating for eight months.

When you’re still at the head-over-heels stage of wanting to get recklessly drunk on cocktails and stay out all night, there is nothing more sobering than a serious chat about the eventual prospect of stepmotherhood.‘You need to be clear about what it is you want from the very start, and to communicate that.’ says Burniston.

‘If it’s important to you to have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, then you should either walk away, or ask yourself if you really do love this person enough to make that compromise.’While every relationship involves give and take, children add an extra dimension.

'A parent can’t be selfish, a parent needs to put the children first.

If you can take that on board, then you can make the partnership work, but it’s going to be very different from your previous relationships.’Where other new couples can afford to adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude to their blossoming romance, the involvement of children means discussing the nuts and bolts of the relationship from the outset.

Whether you’re expected to make yourself scarce during access visits, find yourself getting reluctantly embroiled in the school run or have to miss out on expensive holidays because he pays so much in child support, it soon becomes clear that you are not the only love in his life.

When on-off couple Sienna Miller and Jude Law announced their breakup at the end of last year, a friend of Miller admitted that she found it difficult to cope with the fact that his children were the centre of his world.

Another interesting site is uk set up by Channel 4's home renovations expert, and Property Ladder host Sarah Beeny.

She has even released an accompanying book, A Guide to Dating and Dumping, Flirting and Flings Beeny said: 'The website's been so successful.

There are around 1.3 million single parent families in the UK headed by a mother, and 140,360 headed by a father.

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