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From everything I’d read about raising a kid, I knew I’d barely have time to shower once the Bub arrived, so I couldn’t imagine when I’d next be able to paint my nails and smack on some lipstick for a casual hang with a stranger.

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She received her Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983.

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That would’ve been too confronting, and possibly too tempting for me to blurt out my little secret, but he didn’t ask and we said goodbye.

By the second date I went on—with a guy who used the F-bomb or worse in every sentence—it occurred to me that I was so passionate about punching some holes in my date card that I’d conveniently forgotten how hit-or-miss the whole damn process can be.

If you have become pregnant following a one-night stand, you may be experiencing a range of emotions.

Informing the person you slept with might be a little scary, but it can be handled with grace.

You can navigate this delicate conversation by first working out your own feelings on the matter, then working to communicate effectively, and finally by deciding what you will do.

You may have some important decisions to make, but fortunately you've got options.

But really, it just didn’t feel right to be under the covers with someone who wasn’t the father of my baby.

It seemed not only irresponsible but also disrespectful to my unborn child.

Still, I wasn’t ready to delete my profiles just yet.

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