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This is none of your business.“April could have easily deleted her account as I could have deleted Corrie’s however what was far more important than a little embarrassment was that the police were informed immediately and given every ability to ensure this did not have anything to do with Corrie’s disappearance.Which they are still doing.”A spokeswoman for Suffolk Constabulary said: “Police are aware of the social media and websites Corrie was using and this is part of our investigation.The last sighting shows him walking from a shop doorway and into a horseshoe-shaped area in Brentgovel Street, with no sign of him emerging.

In July 1986, Sultan Qaboos acted as reviewing officer to Initial Officer Training Course No. In September 2013, the Commander of the Royal Air Force of Oman, Air Vice-Marshal Mattar bin Ali Al Obaidani acted as reviewing officer to Initial Officer Training Course No. Air Vice-Marshal Mattar is himself a Cranwell graduate.

The British aviation industry has long been a vital element in providing support to the Royal Air Force of Oman.

Three potential witnesses have been identified following an appeal.

He had been separated from friends while leaving the Flex nightclub on St Andrews Street South.

During the first Gulf War (1990-91), the Royal Air Force of Oman supported Royal Air Force efforts when aircraft operated out of RAFO Seeb and Thumrait.

More recently, in 2001, Oman hosted Exercise SAIF SAREEA II, a major undertaking involving forces across all the services of the two nations.The Typhoons will enter service from 2017 and be based at a bespoke airbase at Adam in north-eastern Oman.​​The Road Accident Fund (RA​F) provid​es ​​compu​ls​or​y c​over to​ all users of South African roads, c​i​tizens and foreigners, against injuries sustained or death arisi​​n​​g fr​om accidents in​volving motor vehicles within the​ borders of South Africa.These positions range across policy, training and standards areas and support the Royal Air Force of Oman’s evolving capabilities.Exercise MAGIC CARPET is an annual bilateral exercise hosted by the Royal Air Force of Oman dating back to the 1980s.Designed to enhance Great Britain’s links in the region, the exercise also provides the Royal Air Force with an opportunity to conduct operationally relevant training.

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