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The international beer-bar brand of Brewdog has been a big hit in Reykjavík after opening in fall 2018.

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Just beside Laugavegur lies Hverfisgata, which has a lot to offer, but is quieter than the main street.

Laugavegur also leads to Bankastræti, which then leads to Austurstræti, making up one great nightlife strip that’s only a couple of kilometers (less than two miles) long..

is a fascinating, small city that’s evolving nicely: Iceland has become a lot more popular with tourists in recent years and is enjoying newfound prosperity, which means new bars and restaurants have begun springing up to cater for the growing numbers of visitors.

And yet, somewhat miraculously, the city has maintained its unique character, charm, and appeal during this cultural Renaissance.!

And, like many countries West of the Atlantic, Iceland has a late-night lifestyle ingrained into its culture: Many locals don’t go out until after midnight, and some venues stay open as late as - am on weekends.’s oldest streets, and one renowned for its shopping opportunities, fun bars, and varied restaurants.

Laugavegur is especially lively in the summer, as cars are banned and the street is reclaimed by pedestrians – shopping in the day, socializing at night.This sushi based restaurant was originally called Sushi Samba but was sued and needed to change its name after appearing in numerous gossip magazines worldwide when the last photo of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was taken leaving this very place!After the scandal, they changed the name to from Samba to Social and have just gotten better and better, their cocktails being the cherry on top. From the outside you can’t tell at all but once inside you have entered a club in Miami in the ’70s.Treat your taste buds and ask away – the staff is super friendly, helpful and last but not least knowledgeable about what they offer!This newly opened pearl is located above Subway where the streets Laugavegur and Bankastræti meet.For someone looking to experience Reykjavik by night, Pablo Discobar is a great pick.

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