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In the photo below, there wasn’t any help from push up bras.

You can see that her boobs were all natural with a slight droop.

Her soaring popularity has seen her working on music together with Eminem, creating hit songs like “ Love the Way You Lie”.

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Check it out: Rihanna was spotted dining at the Da Silvano Restaurant in New York City in 2014.

She wore a tight fitting black tank top, exposing her toned abs.

We appreciate Rihanna’s contribution to the entertainment industry.

There is no doubt that she has talent as a singer and actress.

One of the most intense speculation is whether Rihanna went for rhinoplasty or nose job.

It seems that many singers and actresses are not happy with their natural noses. Sharp noses are always preferred to rounder and bulbous noses.In 2015, Rihanna attended the Zac Posen Fashion Show at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.Decked out in a low cut maroon dress, her boobs looked all natural. Check it out: In 2016, Rihanna was pictured leaving a dentist office.Could it be due to the push up effect of her dress? You be the judge: So, did Rihanna undergo a boob job? It is unlikely that she would undergo anything so drastic. Her recent increase in breast size is likely due to a slight weight gain.To suggest that she underwent a boob job is quite a stretch. The most ridiculous plastic surgery rumour about Rihanna is reducing her forehead size.This is Rihanna many years back, looking young and beautiful in an interview in Berlin: Rihanna has people talking about her breast size because the shape of her boobs have become rounder over the years.

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