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Williams because he stopped the 2 games we were playing on the board. He calls me, and the conversations take place on hangouts! Has anyone had any contact from a girl in Davao City Philipines, she hadnt ask for anything substantial yet but i have doubts she is legit and a couple red flags have appeared like her facebook profile disappeared and opened under something else and she wants all conversations in whattsapp now!!! Same bs: after a few days he started the intense messaging, he loves me, video calls, etc. He said he needed money to get home because it is not safe there but his accounts and CC don`t work there.

Only difference is the other guy divorced his wife 6 years ago and he has a 12 year old daughter @ boarding school in Texas! I want to come to the US and marry you baby please help me. He says he is from Egypt, he didvslip up the other day and said Turkey then denied he ever said Turkey! Please everyone: if something is too nice to be true, it it unreal!!! Went to Whatsapp Number: 1 (267) 571-3520 Email requested for vacation leave to: [email protected] Story: Surgeon working in Yemen for UN.

New development, he’s madly in love with me and wants me to write to the UN to release him to come home for vacation. He claims to be a doctor in Yemen with the Unitednations. Im so interested to know if Dr SAMUEL VEIDER IS THE ONE THATS SCAMMING YOU ALSO. Widowed four years ago A daughter From Dallas, Texas with Greek background.

He sent me exactly what he needed the email to say. He wants me to send him $2750.00 for the UN so he can get his vacation or leave. Called me daily for weeks and started telling me he loved me and missed me and pushed me to say the same.

I never sent the email but yesterday I received a reply from them telling me how much money to pay at particular locations so he can return to the USA to come marry me. He urgently wants me to pay the money that I have repeatedly told him I do not have! Claimed since it was Yemen he could not tell me much nor send photos from there. I reported him since I worked out it was all to far-fetched and a UN administrator would not have a gmail address.

And, according to a new FTC Data Spotlight, reports of romance scams are on the rise. We’re not talking about the person you thought was “the one” but ended up being a dud.

We’re talking about people you meet online, who lavish you with attention … Usually they want the money by wire transfer or gift card.

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