Ryan reynolds is dating sandra bullock

From costars to women they met through mutual friends to setups and back to costars, these guys have worked their way through some of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, only to end up with two women each man can’t help but gush about.

We know how happy Ryan Reynolds is with wife Blake Lively and how blissful Ryan Gosling is with partner Eva Mendes, but what about the women who came before them?

Let’s go through the tunnel of love to take a trip down memory lane!

” Too bad for Ryan, though, that their love affair was so brief.

According to Melissa, she thought the age difference between the two of them (she was 19, he was 17) was too much for him, and told him so, ending this truly ‘90s fling as quickly as it had begun.

Back in 2002, the pair met at a birthday party for actress Drew Barrymore, and became engaged in 2004, after two years of dating.

It seemed pretty blissful for the pair of Canucks, with Alanis gushing to Alas, despite those sweet sentiments, it was not to be, and the couple called off the engagement and ended their relationship entirely in February 2007.As a form of catharsis, Alanis penned an entire album into which she poured her feelings about Ryan and their breakup, which became 2008’s .One song in particular, “Torch”, was about her grief over the breakup, which discusses everything she misses about Ryan.Traylor has since gone on to marry two more times (she was first married from 1991 to 1993, prior to meeting Ryan and entering into acting).Generally considered an odd couple, even as far as ‘90s standards go (which gave us other strange pairings, like Robert Downey Jr.and Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts, and Robert De Niro and Naomi Campbell), !

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