Skype to skype chat sex chat

One of the most important ingredients of a healthy relationship is communication.

By that I don’t only mean being brutally honest with your boyfriend about things concerning both of you; I also mean talking dirty to him when you’re not together. You don’t just communicate your needs in bed to him; you also need to talk dirty in bed or when you’re apart so you can keep him on his toes and spice things up in your relationship each and every day.

In any relationship, if the sex isn’t good, you either work on it with your partner or you part ways.

If so, you’ve got to work with him to keep your sex life active. It’s as easy as talking dirty with him through Skype!

If you’re not convinced about how effective dirty talking is in keeping the fire in a relationship burning, here are five hot reasons that will surely change your mind.

You can record your man as he does his thing and he can do the same thing too through Skype.

This will be helpful during times that you feel the itch but your man isn’t available to help relieve you, personally or virtually.

Once you have it, you can start using it as your main way of communicating (and dirty talking) with your man when you’re not together.

Here are two ways Skype can help you spice things up in your relationship.

This then makes your communication with each other more honest and vulnerable leading to more awesome sex. If you find yourself and your boyfriend struggling with this recently, don’t worry. This is the main reason I’ve highlighted the importance of dirty talking in relationships.

It helps you feel closer to one another even if you’re both busy with work.

I guarantee this will make him want you more and he’ll want to be with you as soon as humanly possible.

If you’re a fan of keeping memories (especially the steamy and sexy ones), Skype’s got you covered.

If you’d prefer to speak than type the very words that will make your man want to race home even while he’s in the middle of a business meeting, you can use Skype’s video call feature instead.

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