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After rumors of a cancellation of her engagement today on Twitter, Kensington Palace announced this morning that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third child.

KP also announced that, as with her first two pregnancies, Kate is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and has canceled her engagement for today.

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The Duchess is being cared for at Kensington Palace.” Congratulations to the couple.

Spring 2018 is looking to be a royal baby with both Kate and Princess Madeleine due around that time.

The press release in full: “As with her previous two pregnancies, The Duchess is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Her Royal Highness will no longer carry out her planned engagement at the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London today.

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Standing to leave, he added, "Just try not to make a habit of it, Scar Head.", with a haughty smirk and an almost flawless imitation of Draco Malfoy's bored drawl. As they made their slow trek down towards the forth floor, Harry found his disorientation starting to wear off, and the ever present fatigue starting to settle back in. At least Malfoy was honest about why he was being such a git."It wasn't all that important, really." Theo replied, reaching out to pull open the library door. The irony was not lost on the tall Slytherin."I did try to explain my reasons for breaking it off, but Draco had been angry, and Zabini, ever the loyal friend, had taken his side and refused to see it my way. I mean, it was back in fifth year, and I'm sure both you and Malfoy have moved on by now, right? Not only that Zabini might stop hexing his showers cold in the morning, but also that Potter might be gayer than he'd given the man credit for. It was on the second floor that Harry found himself distracted from his thoughts of sleep once again that day when he came across a classroom down one of the old hallways that had been closed off for the year, and which Harry only took as a short cut when he was sure he wouldn't be seen.

Harry decided to let the words pass for now as they found themselves a table near the section on 'Flying'. He believed that I should have stayed with Draco and helped him forget his crush on the other boy, but I just didn't feel right about stringing things along. Still, it was worrisome that Potter was still calling Draco by his last name, even after three days of being close to the man. Harry blushed and murmured out a, "no, I'm straight."Theo smirked. The grunts and muttered curses and spells coming from inside the classroom sounded like someone was dueling inside.

Hogwarts was never quite the same after that morning. But his borrowed dark eyes began to droop again, and before he knew it, Zabini's cheek was resting against the cool desk, and sleep was pulling him into its dark clutches. Then Harry remember who—and where—he was, and he bolted up right on the stool, left side of his borrowed cheek burning from where the warm skin had been ripped from its desperate cling the solid wood of the desk for so long."Shit—what happened?

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