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Dating Dynamics Shows You: - Dating Advice for Men - How to Approach Women - How to Talk to Women - How to Attract Women - How to Meet Girls - How to Read Body Language - Dating Tips - How to Get a Girlfriend and Keep Her I've often said that the reason we need advice on women at all is that our fathers didn't or couldn't take the time to teach us what we needed to know (and our mothers taught us the wrong things).

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I already got more than my money's worth from his Dating Black Book and highly recommend it to you..."So far I am blown away by the The Dating Black Book. I find myself quoting you to friends and family often and your take on "reality" is bang on." "I would just like to say if you are like me and need that little confidence booster or maybe just need some positive advice in learning the art of conversation with the ladies out there ,then don't hesitate to get this course guys as I promise that you will not regret it ...

My printer is busted so I have to print it at work cause I just can't get enough of it ... "Carlos, I must say that the usefulness and completeness of the Dating Black Book is a QUANTUM LEAP over anything else I have ever read.

As you mentioned, this is more than just a dating guide - it is a collection of priceless information on how to improve one's life in general.

Everyone who follows the instructions given in your book will definitely benefit from it -- a MUST HAVE for all single men out there!!!

If you are the type of person who thinks "better late than never" then give this book a good reading.

Like the author says in one of his cool, yellow highlighted quotes "You don't know enough to be pessimistic".I would definitely recommend The Dating Black Book to any guy who is looking to improve his understanding of women, and at the same time keep his balls.""Carlos Xuma is the nation's leading personal dating coach, and professional dating agent.Recognized as the world's premier dating authority, Carlos' date-coaching and skills work for single men everywhere.He comes home and sits on your bed and talks to you.You love him because you know that he cares about you. He doesn't brag, he just tells you what he knows and you know he knows what he's talking about.I now have gone from approaching a woman every few weeks to exuding confidence with every woman I want to meet, every one of which I now approach.

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