dating for years - Updating escd boot problem

I requested a rebate of charges to my credit card, which your site indicated would not be charged until I "accepted." I do no accept your answer as definitive and helpful. I will request a refund for you even though the solutions that I provided are the only solution to fixing the computer.The virus has it locked so tight that you can't even get the computer to boot from CD to run the repair.

updating escd boot problem-6

In the PCI device listing, it does show Device No 5 to be RAID Cntrlr under IRQ 11.

Unfortunately, there is no way to run a scan without getting to the command prompt.

BUT the computer wouldn't boot from a Win98 startup disk!!! 3-1/4, not LS-120, etc) TT4UNotification: These are just my thoughts...should be carefully measured against other opinions. Take out everything except the video board (this unit doesn't have onboard video does it? It won't boot up and you'll have to pull the plug to shut it off, but you should get past the ESCD to "No System Found". after testing with micker377's suggestions;have you tried to Boot from 98 OEM CDROM?

Backup All Important Data/Docs Oh yeh; Try a new/ diff Win98 Startup disk; a Win98 CD? (set BIOS to boot from cdrom as first boot device) go change it back to floppy as first boot device, cdrom 2nd and HDD third. In BIOS - Disable "Quick Boot" and/or "Silent Boot" (you probably already have if you can read the screen during POST) as it'll test the Memory though not thoroughly, nonetheless a you tried different memory modules - they're very sensitive TT4UNotification: These are just my thoughts...should be carefully measured against other opinions.

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I've recently purchased from e Bay Lucky Star LS-486E combo with AMD 486DX4-100 CPU and 32mb of RAM.

Press Enter to allow the system files to load, Let me know when you get here It will be in the BIOS but I don't know what your BIOS looks like.

You will have to look through all of the tabs until you find the video adapter and it should tell you.

Backup All Important Data/Docs tried disabling everything in BIOS and then enabling. If you followed step by step and you flashed the BIOS and have gotten to this point (take your pick.wait for others to weigh in).--------------------------------"After the update (BIOS) is finished clear the CMOS again and after booting set the “Reset Configuration Data” (also known as “Force Update ESCD”) BIOS option in the BIOS “PNP/PCI configuration” to “Enabled”.---------------------------------I'd leave Plugn Pray to off, and Clearing the ESCD won't hurt, though prolly not necessary.

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