usr ports updating - Updating windows xp home to professional

I was under the impression it wasn't safe to go on line with these machines even to update: am I wrong?

I use most of my machines for writing, but a few of them I have for Adobe Photoshop CS2.

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Updating windows xp home to professional liquidating a trustee company

JB Just making conversation is all: so what besides SP3 do you really need?

I really love XP, I have SP2 and 3 on disc and when I find a new machine I load them on.

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Visit Stack Exchange I bought a netbook with XP Home SP3.

I have frequently read of folks having issues with Service Pack 3 so I have not permitted automatic updates.

Should I ignore those folks..service pack 3 safe now?

Malwarebytes (a tough infection remover) is not a required item, prior to updating your system, as long as your antivirus is always updated.

However there are cases where you are asked to disable your antivirus, and firewall to allow high priority updates to flow smoothly.

Remember if you're doing a clean install that'll you'll need device drivers for the various pieces of hardware that were released after XP, as they won't be on the XP install CD.

That probably includes Network, Wireless, Graphics Accelerator etc.

But...there have been well over 100 additional security updates issued post-SP3.

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