Validating domain trusts hotdating nl

The number of external trusts that has to be configured in Windows NT and Windows 2000 domain structures is reduced in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domains.

The trust between the Active Directory forests is transitive in nature.

In order to create realm trust, users should have Enterprise Admin or Domain Admin permissions for the Windows Server 2003 domain and should have the permissions required for the non-Windows Kerberos version 5 realm.

Users would typically create realm trust to enable trust between a Windows Server 2003 domain and a MIT or Unix v5 Kerberos realm.

Users can explicitly define different authentication for incoming External trusts and outgoing External trusts.

Users need to belong to the Enterprise Admins groups in each forest that they want to create forest trust between.

Shortcut trust improves query response performance as well.

The Active Directory tool used to create shortcut trust is the Active Directory Domains and Trusts console.

As mentioned earlier, Shortcut trust is usually created to speed up authentication between two domains in different trees but within the same forest.

Shortcut trust can be a one way transitive trust or two way transitive trust.

The foreign security principals can be examined in the Active Directory Users And Computers console.

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