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The user can disable Javascript on their server or even auto-bots might try to submit your form as well.

The server side form validations help keeping the form submission data consistent.

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Form validation is focussed towards the user input where as the security validations should be focused on how you use the data.

When you use the form data in an SQL query, it should be validated against SQL Injection.

Given that "never trust user input" is the golden rule on the web, you should spend quite some time making sure you validate any input you receive to make sure it is safe and what you were expecting.

In the previous chapter, all input fields were optional.

Then you can just check for ’emptiness’ : For dropdown lists, we are to set the ‘selected’ attribute for previously selected item.

Check box groups are great when you want to allow multiple options for a field. We need to validate that at least two options are selected.We have also added an Then in the HTML form, we add a little script after each required field, which generates the correct error message if needed (that is if the user tries to submit the form without filling out the required fields): The next step is to validate the input data, that is "Does the Name field contain only letters and whitespace?", and "Does the E-mail field contain a valid e-mail address syntax?Note that we are using the htmlentities() function to encode any HTML entities like checks whether Round6 was selected.If so, adds the checked attribute to the radio button.Protecting web applications from these attacks has become an essential skill for all PHP developers.

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