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"You're some can of piss" Canary, nearly had a (n): had a fright Canted (v): kicked a football over a wall - "you canted the ball you fucking eejit" - as in you CANT get the ball back - the other side of the wall contains usually a big dog or some bollix who never gives you your football back Capper (n): a handicapped person Carpet muncher (n): lesbian Carry-on (n): argument, commotion Cassie (n): back yard Cat (a): no good, awful, very bad Cess, bad (n): Bad luck Cha (n): tea Chancer (n): dodgy/risky character Chav (n): Council housing and violent - someone who lives in an area that was populated by people kicked out of inner city slums Cheek (n): Disrespect Cheesed Off (a): angry, also Pissed Off Cheese on your chin (phr): your fly is open!

Chinwag (n): a chat Chipper (n): fish and chip shop Chips (n): french fries Chiseller (n): young child Chokin' the chicken (v): wank Chucker-out (n): doorman/bouncer Circling over Shannon (phr): drunk.

For young adults in particular, this overall increase in online dating usage has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the use of mobile dating apps.

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Buzzies (n): travellers Cacks (n): trousers - 'I was laughing me cacks off'- I was laughing so hard my trousers fell down' Or ' I wet me cacks' it was so funny - I was so scared 'I shit me cacks'.

Caffler (n): arsehole, idiot, eejit Cake-hole (n): mouth or arsehole!

(phr): I certainly won't I've a mouth on me (phr): I'm hungry I've a throat on me (phr): I'm thirsty I will in me brown (phr): I won't!

Jabs (n): breasts Jackeen (n): a culchie's name for a Dubliner Jacked (a): tired Jack in the box (n): A dead Dublin man Jacks (n): toilet Jaded (a): very tired, knackered Jammer(n): stolen car Jammers (a): very crowded, busy Jammin (v): having your period Jammy client (n): class A fool Jam on your egg (n): wishful thinking; will never happen Jam Rags (n): sanitary towels aka brillo pads Jammy (a): lucky Janey Mack!

or very bad news Kimberley's (n): local biscuits, used to be made by Jacob's Kip (n): a dump or a dive Kip, to have a (n): short sleep, nap Kisser (n) mouth Knackered (v): very tired Knacker's yard (n): an abattoir Knickers (n): ladies' underwear also Don't get ur knickers in a twist (phr): don't worry yourself Knick-knacking (v): ringing a doorbell and running away Knicks (n) sports shorts Knob (n): penis Knobs (n): breasts Knocked up (v): pregnant Knock someone up (v): call around to someone's house on business Lack (n):girlfriend/sex slave Ladhb (n): awkward looking lad.

Layin' a cable (phr) : taking a crap Legger, do a (phr): to abscond from the scene Legging (it) (v): moving at pace!

(phr): Is there anyone good looking/ interesting about?

" - typical greeting Hump, the (n): sulking Hunkers, on your (n): crouching down (squatting) I am in me wick (phr): you must be joking!

I made a hash of it Haven't got a baldy (phr): no chance Haven't got a snowball's chance in hell (phr): no chance; longer version of above Having the painters in (ph): having your period Head (n): friend or pal e.g.

Header (n): nutcase, unstable person Head the ball (n): foolish person/ or generic name for any person Heavin' (v): thronged/packed i.e the place was heavin' last Saturday Heel (n): the first or last slice of a loaf of bread Heifer (n): an ugly country woman (the consensus being that she looks like a cow) Hick or Hickey/Hickster (a/n): unfashionable High babies (a): senior infants' school Hit and miss (n): piss Hobnails (n): the knuckles of the fist - I touched his jaw with my hobnails and dropped him to the ground Hockeyed them out of it (phr): really beat them in a game of football or whatever sport you are playing.

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