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So really in the long run, Yakima would be your best bet for "things to do," especially knowing that you aren't as big on outdoorsy activities.

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We are housed in two historic federal-style downtown buildings that served early Wenatchee as the Post Office & Annex.

The Museum is proud to share a variety of exhibits interpreting life in the Valley of the mid-Columbia dating back to the Ice Age.

My plan is to check things out, but I figured people here could provide some helpful input.

The offer is fairly good, which is making this a tough decision for me, so thank you in advance for any input on Wenatchee/Yakima.

I didn't like the isolated feeling of the place, and I didn't particularly care for the weather, or lack of things to do, either.

I just moved back to Western NY (Rochester area) a few months ago after desperately trying to get out of Pullman, and hearing that the job I applied for will be based in Wenatchee/Yakima instead of the Northeast like when I initially applied really threw me for a loop.

The Yakima Mavericks are a minor league football team in the 11-team Pacific Football League.

In Wenatchee, there tends to be more Seattle transplants looking for sunshine and less traffic, so as a result the demographic is slightly older.

I was wondering, how good of a place is Wenatchee/Yakima to live as single white male in his mid 20s? Most importantly, how similar is Wenatchee/Yakima to Pullman?

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