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Courtney Love is recording "Live Through This" in Stipe's hometown, Athens, while River is dying in LA. The mentality of people who always need to look for nefarious, secret plots behind things is so bizarre to me."Live Through This" is released one week after the death of Kurt Cobain. R17 I'm not that person (and I'm not saying they're wrong, either -- I don't know enough about those threads) but I am one of the people who think some shady things happened on the evening of River's death.

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Did he know something he wasn't supposed to about a deal made?

Shortly before Cobain allegedly killed himself, he dedicated "Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam" at one of his shows to River:r26, Courtney signed a prenup agreement that she would not get any money if they divorced because she "didn't want his money" (yeah right). I'm not assuming you're a Courtney fan, but I do think it's interesting how gay men find fake "feminists" like Courtney to be "empowering", but feel threatened by real feminist bands like Bikini Kill.

people who think there's no real proof of some conspiracy need to do some research.

there's no statute of limitations, so courtney stays amazingly quiet about the whole thing. The only way a fugly smelly queen like Stipe could get River into bed was to get him hooked on drugs.

River's Father was a top "Family" leader in Venezuela before they left.

"The Bohemian Grove" was supposedly using child prostitutes from the cult and Elder Bush was one of the elite members who used to meet there with other Washington insiders.

They considered it an indulgence when Nirvana asked to record with me. It sounds different than any record made this year.

It's not a record for wimps.' Albini added that the members of Nirvana 'were ecstatic about the record, but every person they work for tells them it's terrible.'Newsweek wrote a story about the supposed impasse that prompted a furious response from no less a figurehead than David Geffen himself.

River was an environmental activist before it was cool.

He would have been a leading voice if he was alive today.michael stipe is a fucking genius with the voice of an angel.

Geffen A&R exec Gary Gersh told Rolling Stone: 'It’s a bunch of horses***. Apparently, Cobain and Stipe had been recording together and he was pressing to get those released. Phoenix supposedly use to hang out with them when Stipe was visiting Courtney and was known for randomly showing up at band sessions, famously showing up and sleeping on the couch at the studio "XTC" was recording at in London.

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