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The church ceremony was led by Father Basillios Nasr, who told Annahar that the marriage will be good for the country."Our goal is to unite people rather than divide them, and to build a society based on understanding and love," said Nasr.Fawaz and Katoura first held a Muslim wedding ceremony ahead of the church wedding, according to the newspaper.In response, he decides to try dating Muslim women, and he asks his parents to set him up.

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When one of Dina’s Muslim friends tells her that she had sex with someone for the first time, Dina asks if the guy is a Muslim. Come on, you know Muslim guys don’t do anything with Muslim women.”But the show’s brilliance lies less in recognizing extra pressures that Muslim women are under than in recognizing their tact and determination in pursuing what they want.

Right before Ramy’s Egyptian date makes a move on him, she coolly tells him about the sex talk that her dad gave her and her siblings, when they were younger, recounting, “It was, like, pretty standard Arab-dad talk, you know.

Interfaith couples must choose to convert to one religion or the other in order to marry in a religious ceremony.

The state does not offer civil marriages so interfaith couples have often travelled abroad to perform civil ceremonies that are then recognised in Lebanon.

Interfaith marriages are more and more common now, and couples live happily. All the negative comments by those who are backwards must stop!

The couples should be hailed for their courage and the strength of their love! This young couple has the chance to break free from our rotten society by offering this model of love, which must be celebrated," another Facebook user said. I pray that their lives are filled with pure love and happiness just like their hearts," one Facebook user said.

A Muslim man is, however, allowed to marry women belonging to the Abrahamic faiths or "the Peoples of the Book".

In performing the ceremony for Fawaz and Katoura, the Muslim cleric made an emphatic ruling vocalised increasingly over recent decades by different scholars - especially in North America - that state Muslim women were never prohibited from marrying outside their faith.

It is his first trip there in fifteen years, and his pre-formed view of Egypt is shattered the minute he lands.

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