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Still, 5.8 percent of women and 10.1 percent of men admitted to both increasing decreasing the number, depending on the circumstance.

Over 62 percent of Utah’s residents are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which promotes abstinence until marriage.

Given the variance within the United States, it comes as no surprise that the average differs throughout Europe.

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Outdated social expectations might lead men to believe they need to increase their number to seem more “impressive.” On the flipside, women might feel they have to decrease their number so they aren’t seen as “promiscuous.” Either way, it’s important to remember your sexual history is your own business.

No one should ever feel pressured to adhere to society’s — or any specific individual’s — standards.

It only takes one unprotected sexual encounter to contract an STI or develop an unwanted pregnancy.

There isn’t any data to suggest that having a higher number of sexual partners increases your risk of STIs. The World Health Organization reports In reality, the value placed on your sexual history is entirely up to you. What matters for one person might not matter for another.

Women are generally more flexible than men when it comes to their partners’ sexual history, viewing 15.2 partners as “too promiscuous.” Men said they prefer partners with 14 or less.

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