Yoon eun hye and hyun bin dating

For his acting comeback after military service, Hyun chose The Fatal Encounter, his first ever period film, in which he played the leading role of King Jeongjo who faced fierce party strife and assassination attempts during his reign.

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congratulation are you come back please do more Dramas I love you so much thank you for giving us the awesome dramas I agree PAMMO said.....i wish another drama for you my dear idol,,with the best writers also,,bcz your the best korean actress,acting on the screen,,your not deserving that kind of poor drama,.waiting to u again that new, either drama or movies,,wish u the best idol,.still pretty,younger than ur age....... I pray your agent finds you a better script to highlight that smile and enjoyable infectious personality of yours in the future. we all know human makes mistakes but it doesn't mean she or he doesnt even deserve a second chance.

YEH I love your acting you are awesome I can wait to watch your next drama... I waited so long for your come back you are my all time favourite actress I have seen all your drama in your best.. I am watching Flattering Love and realize after 8 episodes that the writers and directors did not have focus and now you are entwined in a drama that is listless and basically unfeeling , but you have held your own in spite of the poor writing. so please unnie keep strong even when other people badmouthing about you remember you still have fans world wide not only in korea.

Both sides have been extremely low key in discussing the other if ever at all, and recently Kang Sora was busy filming drama while Hyun Bin was out promoting his movie The Swindlers, so if you said these two put careers over spending quality time together I’d believe it.

Now I just wonder as to Hyun Bin’s romantic end game – his most famous ex-girlfriend Song Hye Kyo found her own happily ever after with Song Joong Ki – so will Hyun Bin marry late like Lee Byung Hun and Jang Dong Gun, or end up eternally an eligible bachelor like Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae.

*she never dated Rain* oo naman kasi bagay naman niya ung role niya .

nobody can do it better than the original cast...now, if rain is not available anymore, at least retain sonh hye gyo and maybe cast hyun bin as her new love as something must have happened to rain as a disappearing act altogether, so rain's chatacter can be replaced forever.

your acting was really awesome in this drama storyline was good.. Taiwainese, japanese, and even thailand drama are feel better to watch. i thankfully enough with goong team production that make goong as your debut drama since i love too with the manhwa so that coffee prince.

i wish you all the best specially good health, peace and joy. i love you beautiful girl..care and more projects to come...cheers!!!! Picky enough to enjoy a drama, but kdrama and their new face of actor/actress nowadays is so so. Even from Malaysian like me, you have alot of fans... I always love your drama and movie and especially your photo shoot in every magazine, they are all so gorgeous.

Hyun Bin (born Kim Tae-pyung on September 25, 1982) is a South Korean actor.

He is best known for his leading roles in the television dramas My Name is Kim Sam-soon (2005), Worlds Within (2008), Secret Garden (2010–2011), Memories of the Alhambra (2018–2019); as well as the films Confidential Assignment and The Swindlers (2017).

Hyun then returned to silver screen with the action-thriller film titled Confidential Assignment (2017), where he plays the role of a North Korean detective that is secretly sent to South Korea to apprehend a crime ring that is made up of North Korean traitors.

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